Create Your Day Meditations by Sandy Grason (MP3s)

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Don’t you wish you could start every single day in a GREAT mood? Do you get distracted from your goals or the Big Vision you’ve created for your life?

Welcome to the club. We have all experienced moments when we feel completely connected to the wisest part of ourselves, our vision just flows and we are filled with creative ideas to move our lives forward toward our dreams.

Then we get busy with…., LIFE and suddenly we wake up in a state of overwhelm, wondering; “What happened to that great vision I was working on?” and “How did I get so off track?”

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. I would read a book or listen to a cd or attend a seminar and get so clear and focused on what I wanted my life to be and then after a few days or weeks I would realize that the things I was spending most of my time on had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I truly wanted to create! 

How did this happen?

Well folks, it’s called life. And it happens to all of us. So how do you create a vision for your life and stay focused amidst the chaos that your life can sometimes be?

I knew the importance of taking time each morning to sit and visualize my day going really well, feeling focused and on track and seeing my Big Vision coming to me. I knew that my days would be much more productive and I would make great strides in creating the life of my dreams if only I could accomplish this feat.

I searched everywhere for a guided visualization that would help me do this. I ordered all of them! I spent hundreds of dollars! But none were exactly what I was looking for. Some of them were just too long, I don’t have 30 minutes every morning to spend in quiet time. I needed something effective in 15 minutes or less.

Some of the products I tried were just too, um, ‘La-La-La’… do you know what I mean? I just couldn’t ‘see’ what they were trying to get me to ‘see’. My mind would start wandering back to my 3 pages of to-do’s and I’d have to start all over again. I wanted something practical that spoke to ME, about my life and would help me focus, not put me to sleep or hypnotize me.

I tried just using music or chanting. And that worked sometimes, but often I would be very relaxed but not really doing the kind of visualizing that I wanted to do. I wanted to remind myself of those ‘glimpses of greatness’ I had seen, out of the corner of my eyes, in my journals and in my dreams.

I needed specific guidance, a ‘tour guide’ to help me create my best day, every day!

After spending way too much money and countless number of hours, I decided to create my own “Create Your Day” meditation. I wrote exactly what I wanted to hear, I wrote words that would allow me to tap into my own inner wisdom every day yet guide me toward the life I was creating. I went a little over my 15 minute limit. The title track ‘Create Your Day” is 16:44 running time.

But the REALLY EXCITING part is I didn’t stop with just ‘Create Your Day’. I thought: Wouldn’t it be great if you had a guided meditation/visualization for when you were having a BAD day? Or how about when someone really made you MAD?! So I created BACK TO A PEACEFUL PLACE (Track 6 – 11:06)

What about a meditation to increase your CREATIVITY? To get those creative juices flowing and ready to write or paint or sing or create something new (Track 7 – 10:01)

How about a HEALING meditation for when you’re not feeling 100%? (Track 5 – 13:34)

Do you have something very SPECIFIC that you are working on ? Try the MANIFESTING YOUR FUTURE track. (Track 4 -13:10)

And when your day is done, whether it was good or not so good, use the COMPLETE YOUR DAY to end the day and get ready to greet tomorrow with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of energy, clarity and focus. (Track 3 – 9:47)

Here are the tracks you will receive in this purchase:

Welcome 6:11

Create Your Day 16:44

Complete Your Day 9:47

Manifesting Your Future 13:10

Healing Meditation 13:34

Back To A Peaceful Place 11:06

Meditation for Creativity 10:01

I hope you enjoy them! xo, Sandy Grason

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Create Your Day Meditations by Sandy Grason (MP3s)

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